Beauty savvy women across the nation know that when their hair has been wonderfully blow-dried they can succeed in the world. There is a design to fit every moment whether it is lunch with the girls, that all serious meeting or simply glamorous cocktails.

SHORT: £15.00 | LONG: £17.00 | SENIOR: £13.50 | UNDER 16’s SHORT: £10.00 | LONG: £12.00


Now let’s keep it easy! Come and get an easy dry cut. Our professional stylists are ready and waiting to get the style you require. Great for those of you wanting a quick cut and to tidy up those split ends to update your current look or new style.

SHORT: £17.00 | LONG: £18.00 | SENIOR: £13.50 | UNDER 16’s: SHORT: £9.50 | LONG: £10.50
UNDER 6’s: £6.00


If you have a bit more time free from your schedule, why don’t you come and receive our wash and cut service which we believe will leave you speechless. We wash your hair with our professional products to create hydrated but super soft hair once conditioned and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We will then cut and create the style you desire to leave you amazed at how refreshed your new image looks.

SHORT: £20.00 | LONG: £22.00 | SENIOR: £15.00 | UNDER 16’s: SHORT £11.00 | LONG: £12.00


Really want to walk out the salon with that WOW feeling, with passing members of the public stopping and looking at your fabulous new hair? Why not go the whole distance while still at a unbelievable price, our treatment service includes a soft hand wash with professional shampoo and conditioner chosen especially from our range of professional maintenance and styling products to suit your hair type, a desired cut based on your specifications and a stunning blow-dry to complete your look. Whether you’re after a straight and lustrous style or big, bouncing curls, we’ll make sure you won’t leave before we have you looking and feeling a million dollars.

SHORT: £27.00 | LONG: £29.50 | SENIOR: £21.00 | UNDER 16’s: SHORT: £15.00 | LONG: £17.00


If you just fancy something completely different, than this is the service just for you. You can have a free consultation with one of expert stylist who will talk and help you decide on the perfect hairstyle you desire.



Our hair up service is done by our very own specialist stylist team, who will put that stunning finishing touch to your hair no matter the occasion, whether its just a night on the town or a special occasion.





FROM £55.00




Are you considering a completely new, fresh style? Choosing your hair colour can be a tricky decision, one of the most difficult decisions you have to make, so if you’re thinking about reviving your style then ask our expert hairstylists who will help and guide through making that perfect decision.
Do you want a temporary, semi-permanent colour that will last several weeks? Or maybe a permanent colour that will last? Lowlights? Highlights? Half-head or full-head? Perhaps maybe you would like a quick colour touch? These decisions are never ending and you’ll definitely need our expert advice.

— ADD £5.00 FOR WASH & CUT —
— ADD £7.50 FOR BLOW DRY —
— ADD £12.00 FOR CUT & DRY —

FULL HEAD TINT | £35.00 | £45.00
ROOTS ONLY | £25.00
FOILS – T-SECTION | £30.00 | £40.00
FOILS – 1/2 HEAD | £44.00 | £54.00
FOILS – FULL HEAD | £54.00 | £64.00
FOILS & TINT | £65.00 | £75.00


Add volume, colour, texture and length…the possibilities are endless! Book in for your free consultation now!

Our hair extensions will last between 3-6 months (dependent on hair growth) with good aftercare and maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks.

— All colours require a skin test 48 hours prior to appointment —
— All students 16+ receive 20% off with a valid student card —

— Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am-2pm —

Cut & Blow Dry £20.00/Colour, Cut & Blow Dry £55.00

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